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VA Transfer

Virtual accounts (VA) transfer have the potential to significantly improve cash collections through accelerated cash centralization.

Credit Card

Blue payment gateway offers comprehensive credit card processing products and solutions that can process all major credit cards.

Micro Payment

Payment system that enable un-bankable mobile subscribers to do any micro-commerce transactions using their mobile phone number as bank account

Direct Debit

Our Direct Debit solution is designed to simplify the whole transaction process for you and your customers, making it easier for them to pay. This means you'll always get paid on time.

  • B2B Financing

    Partnering with local growing financing company, Offering simple process yet flexible and secure online payment services that scale with your business.

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  • Virtual Account

    Our secure Virtual Account will allow user to process credit and debit card payments, as well as refund transactions - all in realtime.

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  • Not Only Payment

    We enable company to provide financing channel for other organization (B2B Financing) with always do transaction authorization and authentication also give realtime notification.

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Violet Pay

Smart payment system that enable mobile subscribers (smart community) to easily do every single micro commerce transaction with their smartphone. provide a fast secure and easy payment option to your online shoppers. it eliminates the need for shoppers to fill in their credit card or bank account detail every time they checkout. With a login and password in hand, shopping can be done anytime anywhere, which is improving customer acquisition, retention and sales.

Our Clients

Permata Bank Citilink Air Asia Traveloka Tiket dot com Kalstar Padiciti Via Cantik dot com

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API Integration

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